Volume 51 No. 1

Special Article

Thought Experiments and the Ostia of Paranasal Sinuses

Mariano B. Caparas

Original Articles

Precious Eunice R. Grullo

Pattern of Nodal Metastasis in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma among Filipinos

Precious Eunice R. Grullo, Ryner Jose DC. Carrillo and Alfredo Quintin Y. Pontejos, Jr.

Jan Warren A. Holgado

Thyroid Gland Involvement in Advanced Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Jan Warren A. Holgado, Precious Eunice R. Grullo, Jonel Donn Leo S. Gloria and Alfredo Quintin Y. Pontejos, Jr.

Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos

Maternal Emotional Reactions towards Results of Newborn Hearing Screening: A Cross Sectional Survey

Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos and Raynald P. Torres

Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos

Initial Otoacoustic Emission Hearing Screening Results in Newborns with Patent Ear Canals, Vernix Caseosa and Collapsed Ear Canals

Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos and Ruby P. Robles

Precious Eunice R. Grullo

Surgical Simulation of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery using Thiel Soft-Embalmed Human Cadaver

Precious Eunice R. Grullo, Harivelle Charmaine T. Hernando, Ryner Jose DC. Carrillo, Pio Renato F. Villacorta, Josefino G. Hernandez, Ramon Antonio B. Lopa, Arsenio Claro A. Cabungcal and Jupiter Kelly H. Barroa

Adovich S. Rivera

The Cost-Effectiveness and Budget Impact of a Community-based Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program in the Philippines

Adovich S. Rivera, Hilton Y. Lam, Charlotte M. Chiong, Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos and Rosario R. Ricalde

Katrina Anne R. Balmores

Agreement between Human Voice (“Baah”) Test and Otoacoustic Emissions in Screening of Infants for Binaural Hearing Loss

Katrina Anne R. Balmores, Charlotte M. Chiong and Erasmo Gonzalo D.V. Llanes

Case Series/Case Reports

Neck Bypass Modification for Inferior Trapezius Flaps: A Discussion of Surgical Technique and Experience

Elizabeth Arcellana-Nuqui, Paul A. Fontelo and Alvin B. Marcelo

Generoso T. Abes

Development of Attic Cholesteatoma in Acute Otitis Media with Tuberculosis

Generoso T. Abes, Franco Louie LB Abes and Teresa Luisa G. Cruz

Ryner Jose DC. Carrillo

Multiple Primary Pathologies in a Patient with Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Ryner Jose DC. Carrillo and Precious Eunice R. Grullo

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