Volume 50 No. 4 (Telehealth Issue)

Special Article

Telepathology in the Philippines: A Review and Future Prospects

Elizabeth Arcellana-Nuqui, Paul A. Fontelo and Alvin B. Marcelo

Original Articles

James A. Salisi
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The Philippine Policy Context for eHealth

James A. Salisi, Jay Pee Z. Cruz, Sophia Francesca DP. Lu and Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo

Elaborating and Discoursing the Ethics in eHealth in the Philippines: Recommendations for Health Care Practice and Research

Martha Jane Pauline S. Umali, Alyssa Marie A. Evangelista-Sanchez, Jinky Leilanie Lu,
Arturo M. Ongkeko Jr., Patrick G. Sylim, Abby Dariel F. Santos, Jonathan G. Fabia,
Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo and Paul Matthew D. Pasco

Alvin B. Marcelo
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Health Information Privacy in the Philippines: Trends and Challenges in Policy and Practice

Carl Abelardo T. Antonio, Ivy D. Patdu and Alvin B. Marcelo

Ivy D. Patdu
Establishing the Legal Framework of Telehealth in the Philippines

Ivy D. Patdu and Allan S. Tenorio

Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo
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Formulating the National Policy on Telehealth for the Philippines through Stakeholders’ Involvement and Partnership

Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo, Arturo M. Ongkeko Jr., Patrick G. Sylim, Alyssa Marie A. Evangelista-Sanchez, Abby Dariel F. Santos, Jonathan G. Fabia and Gene A. Nisperos

Arturo M. Ongkeko Jr.
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Community Health Information and Tracking System (CHITS): Lessons from Eight Years Implementation of a Pioneer Electronic Medical Record System in the Philippines

Arturo M. Ongkeko Jr., Randy G. Fernandez, Patrick G. Sylim, Abegail Jayne P. Amoranto, Marie-Irene Ronquillo-Sy, Abby Dariel F. Santos, Jonathan G. Fabia and Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo

Geohari L. Hamoy
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Real-time Regular Routine Reporting for Health (R4Health): Lessons from the Implementation of a Large Scale Mobile Health System for Routine Health Services in the Philippines

Geohari L. Hamoy, Abegail Jayne P. Amoranto, Alyssa Marie A. Evangelista-Sanchez, Emmanuel D. Pajarillaga, Arturo M. Ongkeko Jr., Patrick G. Sylim, Abby Dariel F. Santos, Jonathan G. Fabia, Gene A. Nisperos and Portia H. Fernandez-Marcelo

Iris Thiele Isip-Tan
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Content Analysis of Tweets of Pregnant Women with Diabetes

Iris Thiele Isip-Tan, Helen V. Madamba and Rene James P. Balandra, Jr.

Joanne Marie M. Del Rosario
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Combinations of Chloroquine with Tigecycline and Telithromycin Induce Early Onset of Apoptosis in Plasmodium falciparum in vitro

Joanne Marie M. Del Rosario and Jose Enrico H. Lazaro

Incidence and Risk Factors of Falls and Fall-Related Injuries at the Medical and Surgical Wards of the Philippine General Hospital

Juanito S. Javier, Cynthia D. Ang-Muñoz, Lorna R. Abad, Mildred B. Campo, Ruzanne M. Caro and Evangeline E. Rafael

Utility of p57KIP2 and Her-2 Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization in Differentiating Partial from Complete Hydatidiform Mole

Michele H. Diwa, Min-A Kim, Jose Maria C. Avila, David G. Pedroza and Michelle Anne M. Encinas-Latoy

Leo Daniel D. Caro
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The Usefulness of Performing Extensive Debridement to Prevent Infections in Open Flexor Tendon Injuries of the Hand

Leo Daniel D. Caro, Ernesto Carlo B. Arada and Nathaniel S. Orillaza Jr.

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