Volume 46 No. 1

Original Articles

Validation of the Selection Process of PhilHealth Sponsored Members in 4 Barangays in a Municipality in Batangas using the Participatory Action Research
Vincent Bryan DG. Salvador, Ramon P. Paterno, Elizabeth C. Regalado-Paterno, et al. [PDF]

Production of Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) against Synthetic Peptide Analogs of the Immunogenic Epitopes of the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Leonardo A. Guevarra, Jr., Milagros B. Leaño, Leslie M. Dalmacio, et al. [PDF]

Detection and Characterization of Mutations of MultiDrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Isolates of the Philippine General Hospital
Franco Antonio C. Catangui, Ann Camille Q. Yuga, Sharie Keanne C. Ganchua, et al. [PDF]

Dietary Diversity Score as an Indicator of Nutritional Adequacy of Diets among 16-19-Year-Old Adolescents
Ernani R. Bullecer, Lucila B. Rabuco, Dieza Atchel B. Aninao, et al. [PDF]

Prevalence of Prolonged and Chronic Poliovirus Excretion among Persons with Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders in the Philippines
Marysia Tiongco-Recto, Madeleine W. Sumpaico, Regina Dionisio-Capulong, et al. [PDF]

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Special Articles

Review of Food-Borne Trematodiases in the Philippines
Percy G. Balderia and Vicente Y. Belizario, Jr. [PDF]

HIV in the Philippines: A Prime Target for Elimination through Test-and-Treat
Edsel Maurice T. Salvaña [PDF]

Culture and Psychotherapy: A Psychosocial Framework for Analysis
Constantine D. Della [PDF]

Occupational and Environmental Medicine: A Discipline to Pursue in this Millennium
Perla Sarausad-Macaraeg [PDF]

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Case Series

Pre-Surgical Infant Orthopedics with the NasoAlveolar Molding (NAM) Device for Unilateral and Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate: Case Series
Cristina M. Laureta and Tanya P. Macapagal [PDF]

* * *

Case Records of the Department of Medicine, Philippine General Hospital

A 52-year-old Woman with Encephalopathy, Fever, and Jaundice: A Case of Disseminated Strongyloidiasis
Gerome V. Escota, Karla Maria P. Nomorosa and Agnes D. Mejia [PDF]