Rehabilitation Medicine Issue: Volume 44 No. 2

Feature Articles

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine: A Historical Perspective
Evangelista T. [PDF]

The challenges of “Walking Free” from disability
Bundoc J. [PDF]

Compassion and medicine: facing the challenges of physiatric practice
Mojica J. [PDF]

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: International Response to Disaster
O’Young B, Young M, Ang-Muñoz C, et al. [PDF]

* * *

Original Articles

Comparison between surface electrode and monopolar needle electrode in the determination of the nerve conduction studies of the radial nerve
Dela Cruz J, Ignacio S. [PDF]

Functional outcome of stroke in the young patients undergoing rehabilitation at the Philippine General Hospital
Mojica J, Jerez-Cortez C. [PDF]

The Gait, Arms, Legs and Spine (GALS) Locomotor Screen Teaching-Learning Package: Has it achieved its intended learning outcomes?
Tee M, Mojica J. [PDF]

The incidence and identification of risk factors for falls among Filipino elderly persons in a nursing home facility and at the Rehabilitation Medicine Out-Patient Department of the Philippine General Hospital
Guevarra D, Evangelista T. [PDF]

Prevalence of Cumulative Trauma Disorders of the upper extremity and identification of risk factors among non-medical personnel in the University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH)
Dizon-Mangubat H, Galinato P, Rafanan J. [PDF]

* * *

Case Report

Diabetic mononeuropathy involving the sciatic nerve
Obispo M, Gazmen H. [PDF]

Fascioscapulohumeral Dystrophy
Jacinto E, Ang-Muñoz C. [PDF]

Prosthesis for a patient with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency
de Leon K, Inciong G. [PDF]

Stroke rehabilitation during pregnancy
Capistrano J, Ang-Muñoz C. [PDF]

Strumpell-Lorrain Syndrome in three brothers
Tiangco A, Ang-Muñoz C. [PDF]