Regionalization Program Issue: Volume 44 No. 3

Original Articles

Animal and clinical trials on a prototype, pressure limited, time cycled Philippine Ventilator (PhilventTM)
Ostrea Jr. E, Villanueva-Uy E. [PDF]

SigN-PQ neuropathic pain questionnaire development and validation in English and Filipino languages
Vios S, Chua A, Guerrero M, Javier F, et al. [PDF]

Allelic frequencies of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) gene of Filipinos
Autus-Geniston L, Matias R, Tuazon A. [PDF]

Comparison of abbreviation usage practices in two Philippine tertiary hospitals and perceived effects on medical training
Tapia N, Mojica J. [PDF]

A survey of the perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and practice of evidence-based medicine among rehabilitation medicine trainees and consultants in a university-based tertiary hospital
Alviar J. [PDF]

Ultrasonographic measurements of kidney dimensions on 109 Filipinos in South Luzon – a descriptive study
Abdulla A. [PDF]

Training of nurses in ear examination and hearing screening in the school setting (Phase II)
Gloria-Cruz T, Chiong C, Chan A, et al. [PDF]

The utilization pattern of psychiatric consultation services at the UP-PGH from 1999-2008
Vista S, Castro C, Trinidad-Fulgencio L, et al. [PDF]

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Special Articles

Making case discussions work
Grageda E. [PDF]

CT Scan: is it really safe?
Canal J. [PDF]

A proposed two-track fellowship training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Sarausad-Macaraeg P. [PDF]

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Case Report/Series

Rehabilitation of urinary incontinence following delayed bladder exstrophy repair in a female child
Magahin K, Alviar J. [PDF]

Tinea Imbricata: case series on three patients in Sarangani, Philippines
Non L, Dofitas B. [PDF]

* * *

Case Records of the Department of Medicine, Philippine General Hospital

A 35-year-old hemophiliac with pseudotumor of the thigh
Panganiban M, Ramirez M, Zamora R, et al. [PDF]