Guest Editorial

Welcome to the Acta Medica Philippina special issue on health policy and systems research (HPSR). This issue is intended particularly for policymakers, program managers, planners and decision-makers, but may also be useful to other audiences.

Coming up with a special issue on HPSR is significant in our effort to bridge the research-policy divide — to ensure that the evidence produced translates to policy, that in turn can positively impact the productivity and health status of the Filipino people. More importantly, this is our first step towards our shared vision of the Philippines being recognized as a major contributor to regional and global health systems knowledge. Thus we, the guest editors and reviewers of this issue, placed a great deal of effort to ensure the quality of the evidence.

We have received a substantial number of submissions. Each was subjected to a careful review process based on scientific and ethical merit and on relevance of topic. After months of hard work of peer reviews and revisions, we are proud to publish the best 12 papers that have or will be informing relevant health policies.

This issue is a product of the collaboration between the Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau of the Once of Health Policy Cluster, Department of Health and the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies of the National Institutes of Health, University of the Philippines Manila.

We thank all the authors for their contribution, including those who did not make the final selection. We acknowledge and appreciate the reviewers for their tireless commitment. We give special thanks as well, to the staff and fellows of the Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau for the work undertaken to make this special issue possible - a first for the Department of Health. Furthermore, recognition is due to Ms. Pamela Tagle for her untiring effort in coordinating with the authors and reviewers and in the assistance in the preparation of the final manuscripts.


Lillibeth C. David, MD, MPH, MPM
Department of Health


Isidro C. Sia, MD, PhD
University of the Philippines Manila