Clinical Epidemiology Issue: Volume 43 No. 4

Original Articles

The accessibility and utilization of mobile phones among TB patients: a feasibility survey for Short Messaging Service (SMS) as a strategy to improve adherence to TB Services
Alejandria M, Amarillo L, Lansang M. [PDF]

Cost analysis for the management of acute coronary syndrome using different quality of care indicators
Tumanan-Mendoza B, Mendoza V, Morales D. [PDF]

Cost of mass drug administration for Filariasis elimination in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines
Amarillo L, Belizario Jr. V, Panelo C, Sison S, et al. [PDF]

Epidemiological risk factors for cancers of the lung, breast, colon-rectum and oral cavity: a case-control study in the Philippines
Ngelangel C, Javelosa M, Cutiongco-de la Paz E, et al. [PDF]

Evaluation of the Master of Science in Epidemiology (Clinical Epidemiology) Curriculum
Sana E, Atienza M, Mojica J, et al. [PDF]

Formative research to develop and test messages to educate mothers on Zinc supplementation in the management of childhood diarrhea
Acuin C, Vargas A, Cordero C. [PDF]

Measuring satisfaction with nursing care of patients admitted in the medical wards of the Philippine General Hospital
Villarruz-Sulit V, Dans A, Javelosa M. [PDF]

A six-month assessment of medical news reporting in leading local newspapers in the Philippines: is it based on good evidence?
Llamido-Mortera L, Hernandez-Sebastian R, Dantes R. [PDF]

Validation of the Pictorial Pediatric Symptom Checklist – Filipino version for the psychosocial screening of children in a low-income urban community
Canceko-Llego C, Castillo-Carandang N, Reyes A. [PDF]

Value of post-therapy whole body scintigraphy in predicting the need for subsequent radioactive Iodine therapy in patients with well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Obaldo J, Ogbac R. [PDF]